A big thank you to our BETA users

Simul Documents is now home to over 7500 documents and our early adopters have provided invaluable feedback. This has helped us identify missing features and has been crucial to improving our document comparison algorithms.

Customer feedback from our 1300 BETA users has led directly to the development of the following features:

A stable platform

Leaving BETA means our platform’s stability will take priority over the addition of new features. To ensure the high availability of our service, we have expanded the redundancy of our platform and now store 12 copies of each document in multiple data centers leveraging Microsoft's secure cloud offerings.

Focus on enterprise

With our launch, our focus will shift to delivering the same reliable product for enterprises to host on their existing IT infrastructure. We have completed our design and Simul will be able to integrate with your existing Active Directory and storage solutions.

We will get back in touch as we make progress and you can already find pricing details here.

Your feedback is always appreciated

We will still be adding features and want to make sure we can help you get the most out of version controlled documents. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any feedback or requests.

You can find more details on the benefits of version control here.

Thanks again for helping us improve Simul!

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