Finding what works for you

By default, Simul bundles all notifications relevant to you and sends a single email every 2-hours. This is a compromise between reducing clutter and keeping you informed when an important event happens.

This isn’t going to work for everyone and we’ve deployed two new features to help you customize how Simul communicates with you.

What notifications does Simul distribute?

Simul needs to bring certain events to your attention. Some of these are considered "transactional" and an email will be sent immediately regardless of your notification settings. These include:

  • navigate_next Account emails such as password resets, account verification
  • navigate_next A document being shared with you
  • navigate_next A task assigned to you

There are many more events considered "notifications" that can either be sent immediately or bundled into batches to reduce the amount of emails you receive from Simul:

  • navigate_next New document revisions
  • navigate_next Comments on revisions or tasks
  • navigate_next Changes to task metadata such as due date
  • navigate_next Documents renamed, plus more

Email frequency settings

You can now change the frequency of which Simul will send you emails under your “User Details” in settings.

By default, Simul sends an email once every two hours. This email will include a summary of all notifications relevant to your account which occurred in that two-hour window.

You can configure Simul to send you an email once per day with all relevant notifications or to inform you immediately when an event takes place.

Simul’s notification center

Simul’s new notification center works independently of your email settings. Whenever an event occurs on a document which you have access to, a notification will be generated. The first thing you will notice is an unread notification indicator in your navigation bar:

The notification center will show a timeline of all events involving your collaborators:

All notifications are now visible from a single location and any new notifications will be marked with the new_releases symbol.

Multiple ways to stay informed

This means you now have options – if you miss a Simul email – or just want to reduce the number of emails in your inbox, you will always be informed of updates when you log in to Simul.

The notification center also works as a great overview for your documents and allows you to navigate directly to new revisions or conversations.

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