We’ve been listening to our subscribers

One of the most requested feature of 2018 was the ability for Premium Subscribers to share documents without worrying about the limits of those they collaborate with.

We heard what you had to say and are pleased to announce:

No more limits when sharing…

If you have a premium subscription with Simul, limits won’t apply to any of the documents you create.

This means you can collaborate easily with those on a free account (even if they have exceeded their quotas), and that your documents will always be available to the people you need to work with.

All members will see an unlocked padlock indicating that the document is a “premium” document and that no limits apply:

Clicking this padlock will inform users of such:

Quotas for new users

Moving forward, Simul’s free account will be restricted to 10 documents and 0.5 GB of storage. This will not affect any user who registered before the 1st January 2019. Existing accounts will keep their quota of 25 free documents.

Increased value for subscribers

Put simply, as a Premium Subscriber, you can use Simul without worrying about limits for yourself or anyone you need to collaborate with. We believe this greatly increases the value of our offering and hope that it helps you work smarter with your Word documents.

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