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Every change recorded

Enable users to simultaneously work on a document whilst keeping a clear audit trail.

A new "branch" is created whenever there are authoring conflicts.

The versions can then be merged using Word's in built track changes feature.

You never have to check a document in or out again!

See exactly what has changed

Clearly see any changes to the content of your document regardless of whether "track changes" was enabled.

You can also compare two different versions of the same documents to see what has changed over time.

You never have to scour a document for changes again!

Integrates seamlessly with Word

One click to open the document in Microsoft Word.

When you save the document, your changes are automatically synchronized with Simul.

You never have to save a document to multiple locations again!

Import directly from SharePoint

Edit directly from your existing SharePoint Online sites.

Use Simul as a replacement for email to collaborate with third parties while maintaining a complete audit trail.

Export minor / major versions back to SharePoint to resume any business processes.

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Avoid fragmenting documents via emailing!

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