Easily collaborate on Microsoft Word documents

Simul is a version control & collaboration tool for Microsoft Word that makes it easy for multiple people to collaborate on Word documents.

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Used in thousands of organisations worldwide

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Benefits of using Simul

Instantly access the latest version from anywhere

Open the latest version of a document in Word or Word Online in just 1 click. No more trying to work out whether “Ninja Report-final” or "Ninja Report - final_FINAL" is the latest version.

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Collaborate on documents with ease

Never email Word docs around again. Multiple collaborators can open the latest version in 1 click, edit in Microsoft Word simultaneously, and their changes are automatically saved as new versions.


Here's how it works:

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Open the latest version in 1 click

Any collaborator can access the latest version in 1 click. No more emailing docs or trying to figure out if Ninja Report - Final_FINAL' is the latest version or not.

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Make edits in Word or Word Online

Simul integrates directly with Word and Word Online, allowing collaborators to edit a document in an interface they are familiar with.

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Automatically create a new version

When you click 'Save' in Word or Word Online, a new version is automatically created in Simul and instantly available to all other collaborators to continue working on.

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See exactly what changed between versions

Simul makes it easy to compare different versions of a document - regardless of whether tracked changes were turned on or not - so you always know what changed, who changed it, and when.

See the full history of changes in one place

See every version of a document - including what changed, who changed it and when - in one simple interface. No more digging through old email threads trying to find when that change was made.

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Easily access old content

Revert back to a previous version in just 1 click, or easily grab content from a previous version and add it to the latest one. With Simul, your content is never lost.

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“The thing we love about Simul is it keeps everything in one place. Each time someone makes an edit, a new version is created and Simul shows what changed, plus we can add comments that summarise why we made the changes as well. So in one spot we can see the full history of a document, including what changed, who changed it, when it changed and why it changed ”

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Colin Malarchuk - Legal Operations Specialist

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