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Making it easier to collaborate on Microsoft Word documents. Trying to have some fun along the way.

Our Story

Back in 2013, former Microsoft SharePoint developer Ben Morris was working for the City of Sydney creating and maintaining their SharePoint infrastructure.

Each day, he saw people struggling to collaborate on Microsoft Word documents. He’d see documents with ridiculous filenames like  ‘Report Final V27 - John’s Edits’,  he’d hear about people not being able to work a document because somebody else had ‘checked it out’, and he’d be involved in these projects where 5 people are emailing multiple versions of a document back and forth and spending countless hours trying to identify who made what changes and merge them together into one document.

He knew there had to be a better way, and as a software developer used to using Version Control tools for writing code, Ben saw that some of the fundamentals of those tools, like versioning, branches, comparison and merging, could also help people collaborate on Word documents.

So Simul was born.

Now a few years on, Simul has helped thousands of people collaborate on an incredible array of documents, including cancer research papers, ship training manuals, book manuscripts, legal contracts and more.

Despite Simul’s growth, our team remains committed to the original mission: Reducing the number of documents with ridiculous file names like ‘Report Final V27 - John’s Edits’

Our Team

We're a lean team that works remotely across the globe, relying on collaboration tools like Simul, Microsoft Office, Slack and more to do great work.

We figure if you're going to build a collaboration tool, you better use it too.

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