Plans to suit everybody

Whether you're using Simul yourself or as part of a team, there’s a plan that will suit your needs.



USD per month

1 User
Unlimited Documents
Unlimited Collaborators



USD per month

3 Users
Unlimited Documents
Unlimited Collaborators



USD per month

7 Users
Unlimited Documents
Unlimited Collaborators


Per User Pricing

8+ Users
Unlimited Documents
Unlimited Collaborators

All plans include:

  • Integration with Word
  • Automatic Versioning
  • Comparing Versions
  • Branching
  • 1 Click Merging
  • Full version history
  • Revert to previous version
  • Comments
  • Version naming
  • PDF conversion
  • Dropbox Integration
  • OneDrive Integration
  • Sharepoint Integration
  • Box Integration
  • Google Drive Integration
  • User roles
  • API access
  • Email support
  • Simul for Academics

    Students and teachers receive 50% off all plans.

  • Simul for Non-Profits

    Non-profits receive 50% off all plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which plan is best for me?

All plans include all features and allow you to collaborate on an unlimited number of documents.

The difference in the plans basically comes down to how many people have a user account in Simul.

The Individual plan allows 1 person to have an account, the Squad plan allows 3 people to have accounts, the Team plan allows 7, and the Custom plan allows you to choose how many.

What's a User and how many do I need?

A user is essentially a person with a Simul account.

A person will need a User Licence to log in to Simul, open a document, make edits, create new versions, leave comments, etc.

However, there are several ways in which you can work with people who don't have Simul accounts and still get their changes back into your version history. This includes using the Share This Version feature as well as downloading & uploading versions.

How does managing User Licences work?

When someone upgrades their account to a Team, Squad or Custom plan, they become the administrator of those User Licences and can assign them to whoever needs them.

There's a simple interface inside the Simul application where you can enter a user's email address and assign them a User Licence.

Administrators can also revoke and reassign User Licences to other users whenever they desire (E.g. If someone leaves the company, they can remove the User Licence from that person’s account and reassign it to someone else).

How do I access the Academic or NFP discount?

If you're a Academic or Not For Profit organisation, you're entitled to 50% discount on any of Simul's plans (excluding Enterprise Edition). You can learn more and apply for a discount code here. You need to apply for the discount code before upgrading your account.

How reliable is Simul?

Very reliable. Simul is hosted on the same infrastructure used by ASOS, Reuters, Adobe, Airbus, GE, Geico, and even Microsoft themselves. We maintain multiple versions of the Simul application in separate data centres around the world, and have world class systems and processes in place to keep them running.

How secure are my documents?

Very secure. We encrypt your documents at all times (I.e. When they're stored on our servers and when they're being sent between our servers and your computer). Our servers are protected by the latest intrusion protection applications and techniques, and reside in highly secure data centers around the world.

If you need extra security, you should consider our Enterprise Edition which allows you to host Simul on your own servers which then inherit your existing security practices.

What are my payment options?

You can pay by VISA, MasterCard or AMEX right from within the Simul application. If you need direct invoicing, feel free to contact us and we can chat about it.

Can I cancel my plan anytime?

Absolutely. You can easily cancel your subscription by clicking the “Cancel Subscription’ link in the Settings section of the app. No sneaky tricks here, if you no longer need Simul you can cancel it anytime with just a few clicks.

I have another question. How can I contact you?

We'd absolutely love to hear from you and answer any questions you have. You can contact us here.

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