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How to add Accent Marks over letters in Microsoft Word

If you are working on a specialised keyboard, adding accents to your letters in Microsoft Word will be as simple as clicking a key.

For many of us, working on standard, English keyboards inserting an accent over a letter is a bit of a manual process, but worth it in the end.

Why adding an accent over an English word is not always necessary, we do borrow words such as résumé from other languages so its nice to add the accent to formalise your document or just to make you feel a little bit fancy.

Before you jump in and starting adding accents to all of your letters, make sure you check which way the accent is going and use the grave and acute accents in the right way.

Here’s a accent cheat sheet:

Invenio on Twitter: "On today's #typographytuesday, diacritics... your  significant other will love you after you yell, "pshhhhh, that's a comma  accent, stupid!"…"

In this post, we will show you how to insert an accent over a letter in Microsoft Word leaving you to correctly accent your words like a pro.

Inserting an accent mark over a letter in Microsoft Word

  1. Open Word
  2. Place your cursor where you would like to insert the letter with an accent
  1. Click the Insert Tab
  1. Click Symbol
  2. Within the Symbol box, find and click the letter and accent you want to insert
  1. Click Insert
  2. Click Close

You have now successfully inserted a letter with an accent mark into your Word document. Repeat these steps for each letter as required.

Looking for a better way to Collaborate in Microsoft Word?

You’re not the only one!

If you are facing the frustrations that seem to come hand in hand with collaborating in Microsoft Word. Frustrations such as version control, tracking changes, merging documents, saving over old versions, missing edits…this list could go on forever but you know as well as we do that there has to be a better solution.

With technology making our lives so much easier, why hasn’t Microsoft clocked onto this yet and updated Word to never save over an existing file without asking, or to automatically track changes and keep a backup version of your old file – just in case you want to revert back to it later.

Well while we wait for Microsoft, i’d like to introduce you to a a new software that solves ALL of our collaboration issues…

Meet Simul Docs.

Simul Docs was built with collaboration in mind, they personally faced the same frustrations as you and I and decided to create a nifty, easy to use solution that integrates directly into your existing Microsoft Office.

Firstly, Simul Docs will automatically track every change you make to any document.

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Simul knows you need them tracked and doesn’t expect you to remember to turn tracked changes, it’s automatic. You can focus on making the changes, while Simul Docs focuses on tracking them without you having to think about it.

Open the document, Simul will track all changes. Close the document and Simul will save it as a new version for you.

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Simul also has your version control covered.

When a document is created Simul will automatically give this document a version number of 0.0.1. From there, every time the document is opened, edited and closed a new version will be created, named 0.0.2 followed by 0.0.3 and so on.

A versions list will appear on the left hand side of your document, making it easy for you to refer back to older versions at any time or track who in your team made edits where.

Once you are a Simul user, there are two ways you can use the Simul solutions with your existing or new Word Document.

Either edit your document directly in Simul’s user-friendly web page or download the document and edit in Word as you would if Simul wasn’t in the background making your life a whole lot easier.

All of Simul’s features will be working no matter where you decide to edit.

So Simul Docs is the solution you have been searching for, now it’s over to you to give it a try!

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