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How to add endnotes to Microsoft Word

An endnote is a reference, citation, comment, quote, or explanation placed at the end of a document like a research paper, article, or book.

You can place an endnote at the end of a section or chapter.

What is the purpose of an endnote

An endnote is used to provide any additional information on the topic being discussed in a text.

Sometimes, you have more to say on the subject, but it would disrupt the natural flow of the text. You can add the extra information in an endnote.

Why would you use an endnote instead of a footnote

  • Your assignment may specify whether you should use a footnote or endnote, for example, a dissertation or thesis.
  • At times, the footnotes may be too many and end up making the whole text look crowded, disorganised, and aesthetically unpleasant because they take up too much space on the page.

Endnotes would be preferred in this case because they will appear at the end of the document or at least chapter.

How to insert endnotes in Word

1.    Open Microsoft word

Open the word document where you would like to add the endnote(s)

Put the clicker where you would like to add the endnote at the end of a sentence or a paragraph.

2.    Go to the ‘references’ at the top of the screen

Click on references. Several options will appear. Click on the ‘Insert Endnote’ option in the second column.

When you do this, two numbers will appear, a superscript Roman numeral besides the text area where you want to note your source and a corresponding roman numeral at the end of the section or document. This number will guide the reader on which endnote belongs to which text.

3.    Add the endnote

Type out your endnote under the horizontal line that appears at the end of your section or document.

You can add as many endnotes as you want.

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