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How to change font-kerning in Microsoft Word

Font kerning is the process of modifying the spacing between individual characters. Font kerning is usually done to achieve an aesthetically pleasing look to the text. 

Kerning is also necessary because sometimes letters take up varying amounts of space, and the letter shape can clash with the ones on either side.

The shape of a letter can create extra space between two letters creating dissimilarity between the letters.

Kerning is therefore done to fix this unevenness. Kerning can be done automatically or manually.

Automatic font-kerning

  1. Select the text whose kerning you want to change.
  • Press Ctrl + D.
  • When you do this, a font dialog box will appear.
  • The ‘Font’ page is what is displayed first. Go to ‘Advanced.’
  • Tick the ‘Kerning for Fonts’ box.
  • At this point, you can now adjust your kerning using the upward and downward facing arrows to increase or decrease the spacing, respectively.
  • The adjustment is made according to points.
  • If you pick ’11,’ characters of font 11 and above will be adjusted.
  • You have the option to make your new kerning changes the default for all your characters or just the selected text.
  1. Once you are done, click OK.

Manual font-kerning

  1. Select the text whose kerning you want to adjust.
  •  Press Ctrl + D
  • When you do this, a font dialog box will appear.
  • The ‘Font’ page is what is displayed first. Go to ‘Advanced.’
  • If the ‘Kerning for Fonts’ box is checked, uncheck or clear it.
  • Above ‘Kerning for Fonts’ is ‘Spacing.’ Press the drop-down menu next to it.
  • Here, select Expanded or Condensed, depending on whether you want to increase or reduce the space between the characters.
  • There is another selection next to the ‘Spacing’ named ‘By.’ You can use it to determine by how many points you want to adjust the spacing.
  • Click OK when you are done.

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