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How to change the layout and formatting of endnotes in Microsoft Word

An endnote is a reference, explanation, or comment placed at the end of an article, academic research paper, or even a chapter in a book.

Endnotes are added to the text to provide additional information relevant to the reader that would have otherwise interrupted the natural flow of the paragraph or sentence. While footnotes are preferred, endnotes are sometimes used in case the additional information is too lengthy and will crowd the page, making it unpleasant to read or generally disorganized

Endnotes can be citations, comments, or references. Endnotes are similar to footnotes. The difference is that the former appears at the end of chapters or sections, the latter occurs at the end of pages.

Before we delve into changing the format of an endnote, lets us quickly see how to insert them in a Word document.

1.    Open the Word document

Open the Word document where you would like to add your endnote and leave the clicker at the end of the sentence or paragraph.

2.    Go to the references tab at the top of your screen

In the second column, select ‘Insert Endnote.’ Automatically, two superscript Roman numerals appear in the text where the endnote refers to and under a horizontal line, which is our endnote. These corresponding numbers enable a reader to know which endnote belongs to which part of the document.

Type out the endnote

Write down the extra information, comment, reference relating to the text.

Sometimes, you do not want your endnote to have roman numerals or the default font and size because it was specified in your work or school assignment. Word allows you to make these changes to your endnotes.

3.    Select the Roman numeral at the beginning of the endnote

Right-click it. A pop-up box will appear with different options

4.    In the list, select ‘note options’ or ‘footnote’

Here are the edits you can make.


To begin with, you can modify the location of your endnote. It can appear either at the end of the document or at the end of a section.


Under this section, you can choose how many columns you want Word to use to display the endnotes.


 It doesn’t have to be numbers specifically. It could be letters, roman numerals, or even symbols. Additionally, the letters and roman numerals can be capitalized.


Once you have chosen your format, you can select whether the numbering should be continuous or restart at each section.

It is also not a must to start, say from ‘a’ or ‘1’. You can modify the numbering accordingly.

Once you are done making all your changes, click ‘apply.’ They will be applied throughout your document or to the selected text.  

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