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How to convert footnotes to endnotes in Microsoft Word

You can convert an individual footnote into an endnote or restore all your footnotes into endnotes simultaneously.

Converting individual footnotes to endnotes

1.    Open your Word document

Open the document with the footnotes that you want to convert to endnotes.

Ensure that your document is in the print layout view.

If your document is short, you can scroll to the footnote that you want to convert and leave the clicker there.

2.    Go to the references ribbon

Select ‘show notes’ in the footnotes group.

A dialog box will pop up, and from it, select ‘view footnote area.’

Click OK

Note: You will not see this dialog box if your document has only footnotes or only endnotes.

3.    Go back to the references bar

In the show notes column, select ‘next footnote’ repeatedly until you come to the footnote that you want to convert into an endnote.

Alternatively, in the show notes column, select the arrow next to ‘next footnote’ and choose an option from the dropdown menu to navigate to the desired note.

Once you have arrived at the note, right-click on it and select ‘convert to endnote’ from the list that appears.



Converting all footnotes to endnotes simultaneously

1.    Go to the references ribbon at the top of the screen

Select the footnote and endnote dialog box launcher. It is the arrow in the bottom left corner of the second column.

2.    Select convert

A dialog box will show up after clicking on the dialog box launcher. From it, select ‘convert.’

3.    Convert all footnotes to endnotes

Another dialog box will pop up called the convert notes dialog box. From it, select ‘convert all footnotes to endnotes.

Click OK

All your footnotes will automatically be converted into endnotes.



Does your group project have a tight deadline, and you cannot afford to wait around to do your section in turns?

With group projects, either one person does all the work or just two because of all the frustration and conflict that comes from getting everyone to contribute in a timely and organised manner.

In the end, it takes way too long, and the end product is of poor quality.

Simul Docs has a solution for this, and even problems you didn’t know had answers.

After writing your first draft in Microsoft Word, upload it to Simul Docs. This will automatically make it the first version.

Your other colleague can now open this version and make modifications, creating a new version of the document.

This document displays all the tracked changes, allowing everyone to see where alterations were made and if they should be rejected or accepted.

All versions are retained, so if you want to see the original copy or follow the flow of changes, the records are readily available.

Simul Docs recognises that sometimes, you might be in a rush and forget to turn on tracked changes. These are automatically updated regardless of your online or offline status. As long as you are working on the document, Simul Docs will document the changes.

Additionally, Simul Docs allows you to leave comments in the document. Instead of convening with your group members on a call to discuss changes that need to be made, deadlines that need to be made, or general pointers, you can add these comments to your document and edit them out when the final copy is ready.

You can also make these adjustments at the same time; this is not a one-login-at-a-time issue. This means that you do not have to wait your turn to make edits, which is quite risky considering we all have different productivity levels and other external factors that could delay submission.

Even if a co-worker who doesn’t have Simul Docs wants to make modifications, the document can be downloaded, emailed, or shared to any cloud storage software such as One Drive. They can email it back to you once they’ve finished making corrections, and you can add it to Simul again, which will create a new version.

You can merge the modified versions to make one full document when everyone has submitted their input and edits.

You are preventing the loss of corrections and original formats by centralising your group projects. It also reduces confusion on which is the final copy or most recently updated.

Simul Docs is a practical and convenient addition if preparing group documents is part of your work or school life.

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