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How to Double Indent in Microsoft Word

This is a quick method for recording a macro to assign to a keyboard shortcut that will allow you to do a double indented paragraph.

You probably already know that getting to the double indent setting for paragraph setting is a little bit more difficult for Word than in WordPerfect, so that is why we create a macro. This is so that you can click a quick keyboard shortcut, and you have got your double-indented paragraph.

1.    Check your status bar

We do this to make sure we have a macro recording on our status bar. Right-click on your status bar to make sure the macro recording is selected.

Before selecting it.

After selecting it.

2.    Go to the Layout tab on the ribbon

After doing this, go to the Layout tab where your indent settings are found.

3.    Go to the symbol representing macro recording on your status bar

 Click it.

4.    A dialog box will appear

Before you start recording, Word will want to ask you a couple of questions.

  • What do you want to name your macro?

For simplicity, let us call it ‘Double indent’

  • Do you want to assign your macro to a button or a keyboard shortcut?

We are going to assign it to a keyboard shortcut.

When you do this, a customized keyboard dialog box will appear.

  • The next question we will answer is what keyboard shortcut do I want to use for my double-indent?

If you are a former WordPerfect user, you probably want to use CTRL-Shift F7. You will notice that this shortcut is assigned to a function called ‘Update Source.’ If you do not mind overwriting that assignment, you can click on ‘Assign.’

Once you hit the ‘Close’ button, the macro is going to start recording.

You will notice that the cursor looks like a cassette tape o show that we are recording.

This macro is recording everything you do at this point.

5.    Go to the Paragraph section under ‘Indent’

Here, indent half an inch on the left and then on the right. Those are the only two settings that change, and then your macro is finished.

Stop the recording

You have to stop it from recording. To do this, go back to the status bar. The macro button will look different from how it looked earlier. This is no cause for alarm. It just shows that it is recording.

Clicking on it will stop the recording.

Our macro is now recorded. You can place your cursor in another paragraph. If you click CTRL-Shift F7, you should get the same results.

Before adding the shortcut.

After adding the shortcut.

You now have a keyboard shortcut that you can use to double-indent paragraphs.

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