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How to draw a line through text in Microsoft word

When reading word documents, you might have come across words or sentences with a line drawn through them. This is what is referred to as strikethrough.

It is a font feature that makes text appear crossed out with a neatly drawn horizontal line.

Why use the strikethrough feature instead of deleting

One may ask why anyone would use the strikethrough feature instead of just deleting the text.

There are several reasons for this:

Sometimes, more than one person may be working on a word document at once. Because of this, they may make changes to the same document and keep forwarding it to each other until one final copy is drafted.

Instead of memorising the changes or hoping the recipient notices them, you can strike through the corrections and request them to either reject or accept them.

Striking through texts allows a reader and editor to follow the changes made to a document from the beginning. This is what is called a collaborative track feature.

So, how do we strike through text in a word document?

Easy steps to draw a line through text in Microsoft word

1.    Select the text you want to strikethrough

Open the word document with the text you want to strike through and select it.

You can click and drag over the text or double-click if it is a word. If you are using a mouse, you can hold the left button down and drag over the words with the mouse.

Note: Instead of highlighting one word or sentence at a time, you can also select all the texts you plan on drawing a line through first to save time.

Follow step one

After selecting your first word or sentence, hold the Ctrl key down, and click and drag over all the other texts to highlight them.

Do not release the Ctrl button until you finish.

However, do this a few words or sentences at a time, say every paragraph, avoid losing all the highlights if you make an error somewhere, or accidentally press a wrong key.

  • Now that you have selected your text, look to the ‘home’ tab at the top of your screen. You will see ‘abc’ with a line drawn through it. This is the strikethrough feature. Click it.

Alternatively, you can apply strikethrough formatting using the font window after you have selected your text, press Ctrl + D.

A new window will open up. On the font column, select strikethrough under ‘effects.’

It should be the first option. Click OK.

Any text you had previously selected will have a line drawn through it.

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