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How to insert a radio button in a Microsoft Word document

As a word processing program, Microsoft Word has a wide variety of text editing features. In addition to text editing, you can easily add images, charts, shapes, tables and even insert text on a picture all in a Microsoft Word document.  

Microsoft Word allows you to create an interactive survey for your audience with controls and form tools such as; check boxes, list boxes as well as the radio button.

Using radio buttons in a Microsoft Word document survey provides your readers with the opportunity to select a response from pre-formatted options.

How to add a radio button in a Microsoft Word document

The radio button, also known as the Option button is used in Microsoft Word to capture the audience’s feedback.

Here is how you can insert a radio button in a Microsoft Word document:

Step 1. Place the cursor where you would like to insert a radio button and then click File in the top left corner of your Microsoft Word document.                        

Step 2. Click Option to open the Word Options dialog box.          

Step 3. In the Word Option dialog box, click Customize Ribbon

Step 4. Having clicked Customize Ribbon, two boxes will pop up under the Word Option dialog box. Check the Developer option in the right box, then click OK at the bottom right corner of the Word Option dialog box.  

Step 5. Then go ahead to click Developer.

Step 6. Click Legacy Tools highlighted grey below.

Step 7. Select the Option Button highlighted grey under ActiveX Controls.

Step 8.  A radio button is inserted in the Microsoft Word document where your cursor was placed in the beginning. Right click it, and select Option Button Object > Edit from the context menu, in case the need to edit the radio button arises.

Why you need Simul Docs to execute your tasks as a team

Collaborating on a Microsoft Word document as a team can prove to be challenging, with back and forth emails that may result into disorganization and delays in the working process.

Simul Docs is a collaboration tool and version control that makes it easy for individuals working with organisations and companies to efficiently work together on Microsoft Word documents.

Having uploaded your original Microsoft Word document to Simul Docs, you and your work collegueaus can easily access the document to make changes at the same time, even when working remotely from different locations.

Simul Docs also recognises when multiple collaborators are making changes at the same time, and saves each person’s changes in different versions to avoid having anything overridden or deleted.

With Simul Docs, each author’s changes are marked up as tracked changes in Microsoft Word, allowing you to easily identify the differences, and accept or reject the changes.

Having reached a final draft of your document, you can merge all the changes made into one Microsoft Word document with just one click of your mouse.

Employing Simul Docs as part of your day to day process ensures creation of a secure database of your working process, with all the changes made being recorded and saved.

Being able to keep track of the changes made to your Microsoft word document in real time, is another great perk that comes with working with Simul Docs. It becomes easy to make comparisons of different versions of a Microsoft word document, whether or not the tracked changes were turned on. This has proven to be an efficient way to monitor what changes were made, who made them and when.

Reverting to the previous versions of the Microsoft Word document in the event that the need arises to restore the original version is easy courtesy of Simul Docs. Simul Docs has also proved very helpful in taking content from the previous versions and adding it to the latest Microsoft Word document.

When it comes to sharing the final document with others, unaware of Simul Docs, you can simply download the latest version of your Word document, and share it via email. You can also export the document using cloud storage tools, for example: SharePoint, Dropbox, Google Drive to mention but a few.

In conclusion, working with Simul Docs is not only effective, efficient and time saving, it is also the best way to have multiple members working on a project to easily execute tasks in Microsoft Word that would otherwise prove difficult. Create a better and much simplified working experience with Simul Docs today.

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