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How to only count words in certain sections of your Word document

Word count refers to the total number of words in a document. Counting your words might seem very obvious because as you type, you can see your count increase with each character on the status bar. However, sometimes your word count might come with specific details, such as ‘Endnotes and footnotes are not included in the counting.’ Some professors might require you to exclude these and will look out for them as they grade your work.

This article will be a guide on how to count only the words in a specific section.

1.    Select that portion of the text with your mouse or keyboard

Highlight the entire text or section you want to count.

2.    Select the ‘Review’ tab on the ribbon

Go to ‘Review’ on the ribbon. When you select it, you will see ‘Word Count’ in the top left under ‘Thesaurus.’

3.    Open the Word Count dialog box to see how many words are in that section.

It is important to note that Word Count can include or exclude footnotes, endnotes, and text boxes. However, it is an ‘all or nothing’ kind of feature. Either you include all footnotes, endnotes and textboxes, or none.

A dialog box will appear.

At the bottom, you will see a box next to ‘Include text boxes, footnotes, and endnotes.’ If it is checked, uncheck it.

Above it, you will see statistics with numbers next to them: pages, words, characters (no spaces), characters (spaces), paragraphs, lines.

Now you know how many words are in that particular section.

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