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How to print the comments in a Microsoft Word Document

You are working on a word document full of comments, and you are trying to print out the entire document with all of the tracked comments.

Printing out the comments with the document’s text body may make it easier for you to review them all one by one, with a pen rather than on your computer screen. Or you may want to take the comments into a team meeting and discuss each note together to streamline the editing process. For whatever reason, you need to print your word document comments and can’t figure out how.

In the post, we will walk you through how to print the comments and text or just the comments saved in your Microsoft Word Document and give you the power to press print and edit your document the old fashion, pen to paper, Charles Dickens style.

Printing all the comments and the Word document body text

  1. Open your Word Document
  2. Make sure all comments are visible
    1. If you are not sure how to make comments visible, check out our earlier post on ‘How to see all comments in one place’ Here.
  3. Click File > Print.
  1. Under Settings, select Microsoft Word.
  1. Find the Print What drop-down menu.
  2. Select Document showing mark-up.
  1. Press Print

Your document will now print with not just the text body but all of the comments as well.

How to print just the comments in a Word Document

When collaborating on a document with your team, commenting is an essential part of the process. But maybe you don’t want to print out 15 pages of body text, you need to print the comments either to review them individually or to file them away for your records.

Either way, its pretty simple if you follow these quick and easy steps:

  1. Open your Word Document.
  2. Make sure all comments are visible.
    1. If you are not sure how to make comments visible, check out our earlier post on ‘How to see all comments in one place’ Here.
  3. Click File > Print.
  4. Under settings select Microsoft Word.
  1. Find the Print What drop-down menu.
  2. Select List of mark-up.
  1. Press Print

You have now successfully printed out all of the comments, and nothing but the comments from your Microsoft Word Document.

Looking for an easier way to manage edits when collaborating on a Microsoft Word Document?

After sending what feels like 500 versions of the same word document back and forth between your colleagues, you are making what you swear must be your last round of edits.

You scroll down the document and scan the millions of comments and changes made, some have been accepted, some updated and some probably just forgotten about or ignored. Then you find yourself wondering wonder why someone hasn’t written into Microsoft and asked them to make editing and tracking changes a little easier for us all.

Beyond the Basics: Six Tips for Better Formatting in Microsoft Word

The issue is, when collaborating on a Microsoft Word document with more than one person, you quickly become overwhelmed with the number of comments.

….Were you responsible for accepting Ted from Marketing’s last comment or was someone else supposed to do that? Then Ted’s comment just sits there, ignored, forgotten and lost somewhere back between Version_V5_Tedsedits and Version_V5_TedseditsV2_8NOV_updated_FINAL8.

We’ll we wondered and then we thought why wait!

There are some pretty cool and easy to use tools on the market now that allow you to collaborate seamlessly on word documents with your whole team, such as Simul Docs.

Simul Docs is a nifty, easy to use tool that makes tracking, accepting and managing changes in a Word Document as easy as it should be.

You can compare any two versions of the document, no matter how old and see exactly what changed, even if tracked changes wasn’t turned on.

Not only that, but Simul will save all of your versions for you, automatically (no more _V2_Final), Simul will give each version an easy to find version number such as 0.0.1 .Version control is done without you even thinking about it.

So don’t worry about calling Microsoft or starting a petition to make tracking changes, or version control easier on Word. Just jump on board with the cool new kids like Simul Docs who have done all of the hard work for you.

Thanks Simul Docs.

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