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How to remove all comments from a Microsoft Word document

In Microsoft Word, you can add comments to documents. This is especially important for articles or papers that you are collaborating on with a colleague. Or perhaps you are a superior who has asked your subordinate to submit a piece of writing. Then, as you review it, you can add comments to the document containing changes, additions and deletions you want to be done before the article can be resubmitted.

Of course, you cannot print out this document or use it as a final draft with the comments still included. For this reason, MS Word has a feature that lets you delete all the comments in a document, as you will see below.

Deleting a single comment

  • Open the Word document.
  • Go to the comment section.
  • Right-click the comment you want to delete.
  • From the menu, choose ‘Delete Comment.’

As you can see, the comment has been deleted.

Deleting all comments simultaneously

  • Open the Word document.
  • On the ribbon, click the ‘Review’ tab.
  • Go to the ‘Comments’ area.
  • Click the downward-facing arrow below ‘Delete.’
  • A short menu will pop up.
  • From it, choose ‘Delete All Comments In Document.’
  • Your document will no longer have a comment section.

Are you frustrated with collaborating on documents because of all the challenges associated with it?

For instance:

  • Difficulty in tracking changes
  • Difficulty in knowing who edited what and when
  • Difficulty in identifying recent or older versions
  • You cannot work on the project simultaneously. The document has to move from one user to another.

Simul Docs eliminates all these hurdles and comes with other helpful features, for example, adding comments.

The first step is downloading Simul Docs then you can get started.

After writing your first draft in Microsoft Word, upload it to Simul Docs. This will automatically make it the first version. Now, another colleague can open it and make their edits. This will create another version different from the first.

Whenever another person opens a version and makes edits, a new version is created with the latest changes, under a different name, and with the editor clearly highlighted. This is a great tool for tutors who want to ensure everyone participates in the writing and editing.

Sometimes, you might be in a rush and forget to turn on tracked changes so your modifications can be updated. You have nothing to worry about. Simul Docs automatically records these edits regardless of your online or offline status.

Since it is a collaboration, a bonus feature is the ability to add comments to the document. If you want a colleague to review the changes by a specific time, or any other instructions, you can let them know in the comment section. Later on, these comments can be removed after your groupmates have seen and executed the instructions.

Additionally, you and your groupmates can work on the document at the same time. There’s no need to sit around waiting for someone else to make edits. You might do your part in time, and the last person ends up costing the group credit because they work slowly. You can save time by working on a document at once, Simul Docs keeps each version separately.

In addition, Simul keeps all versions that were created in the process of writing the document. When a new version is created or edited, the older version is not automatically deleted. All the versions are available on demand. This might seem unnecessary, but sometimes when you are finalizing your edits, you might realize that a section you deleted was in fact important, and you do not have it, or even remember the exact words. With Simul, this will never be a dilemma.

Let us say another co-worker is supposed to include their input, but they do not have Simul Docs. Maybe they are not tech-savvy. All you have to do is download the document or forward it by email.

Alternatively, you can upload it to any storage software like one drive, and once their changes have been made, they can forward it to you once again, and you can open it in Simul Docs.

Once all the necessary edits have been made, you can save the final version containing all the modifications with one click.

Simul is the most convenient collaborative tool yet. Centralising your written project avoids mishaps like losing your work or losing its original format.

Visit and simplify group edits today.

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