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The Ultimate List of Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Word

We’ve all seen that one Microsoft Wizard at work in the office, the guy who knows shortcuts that we’d swear not even Microsoft know about yet. It’s amazing to watch and we can’t help ourselves but be a little bit jealous that we don’t know near half the shortcuts he does.

How easy his working life must be with all of those shortcuts at the tip of his fingers.

Fast Typing GIFs | Tenor

Well, we are here to give you the ultimate list of keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Word. A list you can memorize, refer back to at any time or print out and stick on your office wall.

No matter how you plan on learning the list, in this post we will show you all of the best keyboard shortcuts in Word.

List of keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Word

Document shortcuts

These shortcuts are those that help you open, close, save and print your document. Some of these shortcuts will not complete the action for you, but instead open an action box to allow you to make some final decisions before pressing enter.

For example, Print shortcut – this will open the print window for you to select the pages you wish to print, printer and more.

Action WindowsmacOS
Create a new documentCtrl+NCOMMAND +N
Open a documentCtrl+OCOMMAND +O
Save the documentCtrl+SCOMMAND +S
Close the documentCtrl+WCOMMAND +F4
Cancel a commandEscEsc
Undo the previous actionCtrl+ZCOMMAND +Z
Redo the previous actionCtrl+YCOMMAND +Y
Display the Print dialogCtrl+PCOMMAND +P

Formatting shortcuts

These shortcuts will help you format your text, such as bold, underline, select text or change the font size.

Select all contentCtrl+ACOMMAND +A
Cut the selected contentCtrl+XCOMMAND +X
Copy the selected contentCtrl+CCOMMAND +C
Paste the contents of the ClipboardCtrl+VCOMMAND +V
Bold formattingCtrl+BCOMMAND +B
Underline formattingCtrl+UCOMMAND +U
Italics formattingCtrl+ICOMMAND +I
Change fontCtrl+DCOMMAND +Shift+F
Increase font size by 1Ctrl+]COMMAND +]
Decrease font size by 1Ctrl+[COMMAND +[
Switch between upper case & lower caseShift+F3Shift+F3
Align text to the leftCtrl+LCOMMAND +L
Centre textCtrl+ECOMMAND +E
Align text to the rightCtrl+RCOMMAND +R

Navigation Shortcuts

These shortcuts are designed to help you navigate around your document quickly, searching for a particular word or moving to a specific page.

Display search pane to find textCtrl+FCOMMAND +F
Open Find and Replace dialogCtrl+HControl+H
Open Go To dialogCtrl+GCOMMAND +Option+G

If you are looking for a shortcut, Microsoft also outlines some of the shortcuts next to the clickable action, such as below:

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