Enterprise Edition

Simul Enterprise Edition is an on-premise version control and collaboration tool for Microsoft Word that meets your organisation's security and compliance requirements

Hosted on your servers

Enterprise Edition is hosted on your IT infrastructure, which means it inherits your organisation’s security and compliance practices and gives you full control of your documents and data

microsoft word collaboration on your servers


You have ultimate control over how your documents are stored, who can access them, and more


Your internal security and compliance practices apply, giving you the level of security your org requires


You control where the application resides, where your documents are stored, and more

Integrated with your SSO solution

Enterprise Edition integrates with your existing SSO solution, giving you easy control over user access, permissions and security

Microsoft word version control LDAP

Advanced user permissions give you superpowers

Advanced user permissions, such as Admin mode, allow you to view and manage every document across your organisation regardless of who created it.

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Dedicated implementation and support

Our expert team will work with you to deploy Enterprise Edition on your servers, and will be available to support you on an ongoing basis

Microsoft Word version control collaboration support
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“The thing we love about Simul is it keeps everything in one place. Each time someone makes an edit, a new version is created and Simul shows what changed, plus we can add comments that summarise why we made the changes as well. So in one spot we can see the full history of a document, including what changed, who changed it, when it changed and why it changed ”

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Colin Malarchuk - Legal Operations Specialist

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