GIT for Microsoft Word

Simul provides GIT-like functionality for Microsoft Word documents, including versions, branches, diffing, merging and more.

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Easily upload documents from anywhere

Drag and drop Word documents from your computer, or import them from cloud file services like Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, SharePoint & Google Drive.

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Automatically create new versions each time the document is updated

Invite your team members and each time someone edits a document, Simul creates a new version. Add comments to summarise what changed and you get a full history of how a document came together.

Easily view the differences between each version

Simul makes it easy to compare different versions of a document - regardless of whether tracked changes were turned on or not - so you always know what changed, who changed it, and when.

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Create branches so multiple people can work at the same time

When multiple people are working on the document at the same time, Simul will create separate branches for each version so people aren’t overwriting each others work

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Merge branches and handle conflicts with ease

Merge branches in 1 click, and each authors changes are marked up as tracked changes in Word, allowing you to easily identify the differences, accept or reject the changes, fix conflicts, and keep work moving forward.

More features


Easily revert to a previous version of the document, or take content from a previous version to add to the latest.


Create a fork of a document from any version to make changes in an isolated enviornment, or take the document in a new direction



Submit a forked document for merging back to the master, and the document owner can accept or reject the proposed changes


“Simul allows anyone on our team to access the latest version of a document instantly. It automatically creates versions, allows us to compare them to see what changed, and gives us a full version history of the document. It’s made writing research reports so much easier.”

Nikolas UCLA Version Control Word

Nikolas Balanis - Cancer Researcher, UCLA

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