Version Control for Microsoft Word documents

Simul is a version control and collaboration tool for Microsoft Word. It automatically creates new versions each time a document is edited, shows you what changed between each version, and gives you a full history of a document.

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Used by legal teams worldwide

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How It Works

Upload & invite people to collaborate on your document

Upload a Word document and invite others (colleagues, clients, etc) to collaborate on it.

Invite Users

Automatically create versions each time the document is changed

No more emailing documents around. Collaborators can open the latest version of a document in Word in just 1 click, and each time they make changes it's automatically saved as a new version.


Here's how it works:

Open Latest Version

Open the latest version in 1 click

Collaborators can access and open the latest version of a document in just 1 click.

Make Edits in Word

Make edits in Microsoft Word

Simul integrates directly with Word, so you can make edits to a document in your preferred environment.

Create New Version

Automatically create a new version

When you click 'Save' in Word, a new version is automatically created in Simul and instantly available to all collaborators to continue working on.

See what changed between each version

Simul makes it easy to see what changed between each version, regardless of whether tracked changes were turned on or not.

See Changes
Share with 3rd party people

Easily get feedback from 3rd parties

Share your document with 3rd parties (counter-parties, associates, etc)  via email or cloud storage services, and in 1-click bring their changes back into the version history.

See exactly what changes 3rd parties make

Simul shows exactly what changes 3rd parties made to your document, regardless of whether Track Changes was turned on or not. Never manually compare docs or worry about unidentified changes again.

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Full history of changes

See the full history of a document

See every version of a document - including what changed, who changed it and when - in a simple interface.

Access content from previous versions

With just 1 click, you can revert back to a previous version of your document or open an old version and copy and paste content out of it.

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Get approval, publish as PDF, export to cloud file storage & more

When you're finished collaborating on your document, you can use Simul's approval workflow to easily get sign off from everybody and then export your document as a PDF or DOCX to your computer or cloud storage service.

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“Before Simul, we’d be emailing documents back and forth with filenames like ‘V.27 Final - Dallas Edits’. It was impossible to know what the latest version was, and we had no history of the document. Now that we have Simul, writing business & legal documents is so much easier ”

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Dallas Hall - Category Manager

Get Started For Free

It's free to collaborate on 1 document, and paid plans start at just $15 per month.