Version Control for Sharepoint

Simul integrates with Sharepoint to give you advanced collaboration & version control functionality for Word Documents stored in Sharepoint.

How the Integration Works

Import Word Documents straight from Sharepoint

Import Word documents into Simul for version control and collaboration in just a few clicks.

Import from Sharepoint

Collaborate using Simul

Invite collaborators to your document in Simul and they can open, edit and create new versions with ease.

However, if you don't feel comfortable inviting them to Simul, you can use Sharepoint to collaborate as well.

Here's how:

export word documents to sharepoint

1. Export to Sharepoint

Export the latest version from Simul to Sharepoint as a Word Document and share it with the collaborator.

edit word documents cloud

2. Edit from Sharepoint

The collaborator can open the file in Word like normal, make edits and save.

import version word document

3. Import as new version

Import the file back into Simul and it will automatically be added as a new version. You can even name the version and add comments like 'Joel added the Results section'

review merge microsoft word documents

4. Review and merge

Merge the new version with the original in 1 click, and each authors changes are marked up as tracked changes in Word, allowing you to identify the differences, fix conflicts, and keep work moving forward.

Export the final version to Sharepoint

Once you've finished using Simul to collaborate on your document, you can export the final version to Sharepoint as a Word document in 1 click.

export word documents cloud storage

Benefits of using Simul & Sharepoint

access latest version word document

Easily access the latest version

All collaborators can easily find and open the latest version of the document in 1 click.

edit word documents simultaneously

Work on documents simultaneously

Multiple people can work on a document at the same time & Simul will automatically create separate ‘branches’ for each version so people aren’t overwriting each others work.

Compare microsoft word documents

Easily see what changed

Easily compare different versions of a document - regardless of whether tracked changes were turned on or not - so you always know what changed, who changed it, and when.

merge documents

Merge changes in 1 click

Merge versions in 1 click, and each authors changes are marked up as tracked changes in Word, allowing you to easily identify the differences.

see history of changes word document

See the full history of changes

Easily go back over a document and see what changed, when it changed and who changed it.

revert to previous

Easily revert to old versions

Easily revert to a previous version of the document, or take content from a previous version to add to the latest.


“Simul allows anyone on our team to access the latest version of a document instantly. It automatically creates versions, allows us to compare them to see what changed, and gives us a full version history of the document. It’s made writing research reports so much easier.”

Nikolas UCLA Version Control Word

Nikolas Balanis - Cancer Researcher

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