Discounts for Students, Academics & Not for Profits

Simul offers a 50% discount for Students, Academics & Not for Profits to help make it cheaper and easier to collaborate on Microsoft Word documents.

What you get


Discount on the Individual, Squad or Team plan

What we ask in return

Provide feedback

We'll occassionally reach out with requests for feedback on how you use the product, what features you like, etc. We'd love if you could participate in these feedback sessions!

Advocate Simul

If there's someone you know that you think could benefit from Simul, we'd love if you could tell them about it!

Do I qualify?

You qualify if you meet any of the following criteria:


You're a student at a recognised University, College or other educational institute


You're a professor or researcher at a non-commercial institution (I.e. You do research at a University and not a private company)

Not for Profit

You work for a registered Not for Profit organisation that is making the world a better place.

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