Cloud Edition Security

Learn the security features of Simul's Cloud Edition and get your questions answered

Security Features


Documents are encrypted in transit using SSL and at rest using TLS

Document Access

Document access is managed on a per document basis and several levels of permission exist


Documents are stored in Microsoft Azure's UK data center and backed up in other locations


Simul keeps multiple backups of your documents in multiple regions to ensure they're never lost


The Simul application runs on Microsoft Azure servers in multiple locations to ensure it's always available


Our threat detection, logging and alerting systems notify our team about potential incidents as soon as they happen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are my documents stored?

All documents uploaded to Simul are stored using Microsoft’s Azure storage solution. When a new version is created the document is replicated three times in their UK data center and another three times in a remote region. In total, we store six copies of your documents hundreds of kilometers apart to help ensure that they're never lost.

We rely on the experts at Microsoft for the backup procedures, replication and fail-over of Simul’s document storage as part of the Azure service.

Who can access my documents?

Document access is managed at an individual-document level, with the ability to group related documents together and manage access as a set.

There are multiple levels of permission that can be assigned to a person at a per-document level, and include the ability to view the document only, edit the document, manage members, etc.

So ultimately, you are in full control of who can access each document in your Simul account.

How secure is Simul?

Simul uses software development best practices to help ensure our software is free from vulnerabilities.

Code is peer reviewed before committing and there are over 300 manual & automated tests completed by team members before deployment.

Simul runs on Microsoft Azure data centers which have the highest-level of physical and digital protections applied.

How reliable is Simul?

Very reliable. Simul is hosted on the same infrastructure used by ASOS, Reuters, Adobe, Airbus, GE, Geico, and even Microsoft themselves. We maintain multiple versions of the Simul application in separate data centres around the world, and have world class systems and processes in place to keep them running.

How are credit card details protected?

Simul uses Stripe to process payments. Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry.

Stripe collects payments details directly and issues Simul a token. This token ensures that no sensitive card data ever touches our servers. By leveraging Stripe, Simul Documents operates in a fully PCI compliant way.

This means Simul Documents only has access to your billing details (such as name and address) but not any credit card details. Stripe will authorize our payments each month and inform Simul if they are successful.

I have another question. How can I contact you?

We'd love to hear any questions you have and have answered numerous security questionnaires in the past. You can contact us here.

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