Computer Forensics Professional Job Description

[Insert company name here] is an established and successful law firm specializing in [insert key areas of focus here]

We’re looking for a Computer Forensics Professional to perform studies to identify breaches in a firm’s security or track the source of an unauthorized intrusion. This specialist advises the client on ways to protect their systems and produces any evidence which could be used against the intruder.


Roles & Responsibilities

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Identify, gain access and secure any necessary devices or systems to be examined;
  • Reconstruct damaged hardware, if necessary;
  • Copy or use other means to ensure data is not changed during the analysis;
  • Recover the target information and assess the credibility and completeness of the data;
  • Identify and document any metadata associated with the files, such as date of creation, owner, etc;
  • Document any other findings or discovered files or communications which may be relevant;
  • Ensure that all work is done in compliance with local and federal laws and forensic standards;
  • Collect the information in a legally admissible way;
  • Provide an audit trail;
  • Compile and secure the evidence and write structured reports acceptable for court;
  • Provide testimony when called; and
  • Advise and train law enforcement and legal staff on forensics.


About you

  • Bachelor’s in computer science, Cybersecurity, Computer Engineering, or related discipline. [insert number] years of experience in host-based investigations or digital forensics
  • Experience performing forensic analysis on all common operating system environments, to include, but not limited to Windows, Mac OS, UNIX, Linux,
  • Produce in-depth and executive forensic reports
  • Supporting and assist leading a team of forensic analyst during on-site engagements


What you’ll get in return

The firm offers a generous benefits package along with compensation based on experience level and client orientation.

  • Competitive compensation based on experience
  • Medical insurance plan
  • Dental insurance plan
  • Vision insurance plan
  • Contribution to life insurance plan
  • 401k profit sharing
  • Parking reimbursement
  • Social, charity, and wellness events


To apply for the role or have a confidential discussion, contact us on [insert recruiter email address] or [insert recruiter phone number]