Family Law Attorney Job Description

[Insert company name here] is an established and successful law firm specializing in [insert key areas of focus here]

We’re looking for a Family Law Attorney to manage legal problems between members of the same family. These may include divorce, adoption, guardianship, and emancipation cases. They are responsible for overseeing family estates, monitoring mediation sessions, and offering legal advice.


Roles & Responsibilities

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Oversee and manage the legal issues that transpire between people that are members of the same family.
  • Supervise and direct mediation sessions, and offer effective legal advice.
  • Organize and record all official documents required to file cases.
  • Coordinate with staff to prepare an extensive brief on each case that goes to trial.
  • Uphold a steady schedule of hearings, court appearances, and conferences.
  • Respond to the urgent needs of clients.
  • Oversee family estates and wills.
  • Attend trials and court proceedings.
  • Attempting to resolve complex claims and reach a settlement outside of court through alternative dispute resolution.
  • If no settlement can be reached, proceeding the case in court, representing your clients, and carrying out all duties associated with Dispute Resolution or Litigation Lawyers.
  • Drafting, negotiating, and reviewing court documents such as pleadings or witness statements.
  • Liaising with a variety of other professionals including psychologists, doctors, social workers, and police officers.
  • Researching historic cases that bear resemblance to your ongoing files.
  • Examining and evaluating any evidence that may prove beneficial to your clients.
  • Effectively and empathetically managing emotionally unpredictable situations.


About you

  • Bachelor’s degree in Law.
  • A license to practice law from the State Bar Association.
  • A minimum of [insert number] years’ experience in family law.
  • Outstanding interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Good organizational and multitasking abilities.
  • Must be skilled in negotiation, debate, and persuasion techniques.


What you’ll get in return

The firm offers a generous benefits package along with compensation based on experience level and client orientation.

  • Competitive compensation based on experience
  • Medical insurance plan
  • Dental insurance plan
  • Vision insurance plan
  • Contribution to life insurance plan
  • 401k profit sharing
  • Parking reimbursement
  • Social, charity, and wellness events


To apply for the role or have a confidential discussion, contact us on [insert recruiter email address] or [insert recruiter phone number]