Overpayment of Wages Letter



[Employee First Name] [Employee Surname]
[Employee’s Street Address]
[Suburb] [State] [Postcode]



Dear [Employee First Name],

As you are aware, you were recently overpaid [Amount] in wages (hereby referred to as the ‘Sum’).

The overpayment was due to [Overpayment Reason] and occurred on [Overpayment Date].

We wish to reach an agreement with you for repayment of the Sum. We suggest a repayment of [Repayment Amount] per [Time period] commencing on [Repayment Commencement Date] and continuing until the Sum is repaid.

Repayment amounts can be deposited to:

  • Bank Name: [Name of Bank]
  • Account Name: [Name of Account]
  • Account Number: [Bank Account Number]
  • Reference: [Reference Code]

If you wish to discuss the above repayment schedule, please contact [Contact Person], otherwise we look forward to receipt of the Sum.

Yours Sincerely,




[Employer First Name] [Employer Surname]
[Job Title]