Dismissal Letter Without Notice

[Insert Date Here]

[Insert Name Here]

[Insert Company Name Here]

[Insert Address Here]


Dear [Insert Name Here],




This letter is written confirmation of the outcome of our disciplinary meeting on [Insert Date Here] with [Insert Name of Company Support Person], and myself. You chose to be supported/represented by [Insert Name Here] /You chose not to have a support person/Representative present during this process.


We met again on [Insert Date Here] when I advised you that these actions amounted to serious misconduct and that the decision had been made that your employment was being terminated with immediate effect.


Prior to our disciplinary meeting, you were advised that this matter was potentially serious misconduct and could result in disciplinary action up to and including summary dismissal. You were also advised that you were entitled to representation.


At the meeting, I provided you with full details of the matters of concern, and you were given a full opportunity to respond to these.


After the meeting, I took the time to consider in detail all of the relevant information, including everything that you had to say, and found that:

  • Set out the primary and ultimate findings.


Please ensure that all property is returned to me as soon as possible. Your final pay will be calculated and direct credited into your bank account once this property has been returned.


If you have any queries or wish to discuss the disciplinary process further, please don’t hesitate to contact me.



Yours sincerely,


[Insert Name Here]

[Insert Title Here]